note- this poem was wholly inspired by 13 reasons why, because holy shit I have a problem with that show. (8 episodes in one day, what even) Maybe it’s weird that I’m writing a poem based entirely on one character but whatever. I find him poetic.


what are you doing?

stealing compliments from a dead girl,


you ought to know.

Where are you magic tricks?

where was your charm,

why don’t you ever get told “no”?

kind Zachary,

too kind.


Home Is…

home is three people laughing in a dimly lit room

surrounded by dancing people.

home is the hallways so familiar

hallways we run down,

hallways we storm down,

hallways that we hurry down,

hallways we have walked a million times before.

home is the laughter

home is not needing to try

home is having them to be weird with,

having them look out for you as you cry

home is not a shell of a building,

home is a feeling,

a concept.

finding a new home?

outside the walls of this high school?