The Strangest Metaphor You’ll Read This Week #3

So I’m doing this thing where I take the strange, weird metaphors that randomly come to me and putting them down here! If you want to check out my last one, you can find it here, it’s a personal favorite 😉  

Anyways, we’re comparing the passage of time to a statue my friend and I spotted at an MRT station (a train station in Singapore), on our way to watching La La Land, which was, by the way, amazing. Below are two pics of the statue thingy (I’m not exactly sure if you can call it a statue) so you guys can better understand this weird metaphor.


I believe the name of this statue (I think it’s a statue I don’t know) is “Disco Drops”!


this was on the floor right under the silver drops

The little black splatter was right under the silver ‘disco’ drops, and my friend said something rather insightful. She gave me the idea of comparing the drops to time frames, and now I’m just building on that. So if we were to start equating these drops to the passage of time, the drops on top that are yet to fall are the near future. We know these drop are going to fall, and we can see them looming right above us, yet we don’t move. We just stand underneath the silver drops. The black splatter would be the past, the residue of the drops that have already fallen. When these drops fell from future to present to past, they were probably still shiny and silver. Now, their remnants on the floor are stripped down to black and pasted down into time as something that happened. Which brings us to the present, which would be us. The drops of events that happen in the future fall into us, two girls standing directly under them. We’re standing on our past, a splotchy mess that may or may not have stained us. We’re looking at the future, and we see it as shiny, bulbous, and right on top of us. And then there’s us, standing in the present, contemplating this metaphor, processing it in just about under a minute, and then rushing along for our movie.

So hopefully this metaphor made at least a little sense (I really do hope that it did). I know this post was rather short, hopefully the next one will be longer and more insightful. Well, till next time…

~Love, Queertastic



  1. BelleUnruh · February 5

    Loved the metaphor and the art work. Quite beautiful and interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    • queertasticblog · February 6

      Thank you 🙂 I thought the art work was quite awesome as well! I’m very lucky to be living in a country where there’s art in the train stations!

      Liked by 2 people

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