The Best Lyrics From The 1975

D’you guys know that feeling you get when you’re super obsessed with something and you have nobody, like nobody, to fangirl with? No? Just me? Well, I’m gonna walk y’all through some of the most genius lyrics ever produced by this heavenly angel band.


but first, we must stop to appreciate the angel that is Matty Healy. -sighs- just take him in ❤

We’re gonna start with line that actually inspired this post. It’s from ‘She’s American’ and it gets me every single time.


Next is this line from one of their more popular songs, ‘Settle Down’.


Here’s a line from ‘Sex’. The whole EP is amazing, and actually this whole song is without a doubt on of my all time favorites. The whole line is ‘use your hands and my spare time, we’ve got one thing in common it’s this tongue of mine’. Ahh, I can feel the fangirl.


This line is from ‘She Lays Down’ and it gets way too real.


This is a simple line from ‘Loving Someone’, another one of my favorites just because of it’s simplicity. Another simple stunner from this same song is when angelic Matty sings ‘Yeah, I think I should be loving someone’


This line is from ‘Paris’, a song about drugs, deception, and hazy romance. The song talks about the messy recipe that comes with mixing an addiction with wild escapades.


This line is from “Haunt//Bed” (yes, the official title is supposed to have those slashes)


And here’s one from the song ‘She Lays Down’ again, because that’s an emotionally raw one. I could quote that whole song because of how deep it is, and there’s another line in it where he sings “the engines all go bust, we turn to dust, and I’ve no reason to complain”


and now, just to lighten the mood (because I’m a sucker for funny text posts):


I’m constantly falling in love with this band, and this post is probably just going to keep growing. I could honestly quote their whole album, ahhhhhhhhh. Fan girl session over. For now.

xo Queertastic


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