The Strangest Metaphor You’ll Read This Week #2

So, a while back I wrote the first strange metaphor, and then realized I have a habit of comparing the events in my life and human experiences in general to the strangest things that I’ve learnt and seen over the years. You can read the first one here.

This one’s about relationship statuses. But first, a little chemical background. Elements can exist in many forms. For example, Carbon can be found as C-12 and as C-14. C-12 is a stable form of carbon, and C-14 is radioactive, but they’re both considered carbon. One of my friends told me that relationships make me stable, and that got me thinking- I have quite a few forms when it comes to relationships. My single state has been observed to be volatile and wild, almost too wild to exist and almost too wild to be considered stable. Maybe that’s why my other isotope, the one that’s in a relationship, is so much more stable. Relationships tend to stabilize me, because that’s the type of elemnt I am. So if elements were people, some of them are more stable out of a relationship than in a relationship, just like how different isotopes have different levels of stability for different elements. Recently, I’ve been put back into my most stable isotope form, which is the metaphorical way of saying that I just got into a relationship. I was able to conclude reasonably that yes, I am most stable in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean I stop being me when I get out of one. And I think this metaphor is one that perfectly describes the diversity of human relationships, because there are 118 elements so far, and each one has numerous isotopes, some of which remain undiscovered. We all have different forms of our most stable isotopes. And, yup, there’s the slice of my brain from today.



  1. inourheads_kr7 · October 15, 2016

    Perfect. 🙂


  2. The Sound of Ed's Voice · October 15, 2016

    I LOVE your “strangest metaphor” posts because they aren’t strange but this amazing connections to real life objects! You do an awesome job of explaining the connections, too!!

    So right now I saw the title and squealed. Then as I read it I was like carbon?! Goooo ooooon! Dooooo tell! Because I love seeing how you get there! And then by the end I’m like damn I wish I saw the world like you because your connections are so genius and creative! Never lose that!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • queertasticblog · January 4, 2017

      omg I cannot believe I just found your comment! This made my day 🙂 I’m so happy somebody likes my quaint comparisons, and I’m over the moon that they actually make sense :p Thank you so much ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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