The Strangest Metaphor You’ll Read This Week.

Sometimes, secrets are like little rats that just slip out of your mouth without you meaning for them to leave. Well, the ordinary person doesn’t really have rats just casually hanging out in their mouth, but you get what I mean. Your mouth is the cage and the rats are your secrets, and sometimes when you’re not ready for an escape it will happen anyways. Now, let’s get complicated. I’m the kind of person who will spend time and money to build a very nice cage with tons of toys from my rats because a) that’s way more humane, and b) nobody likes being in a cage. But being in a pretty cage makes it at least a tiny bit better, especially when you can’t help but feel like those rats are a part of you. Now, I know this metaphor is strange, but you’re reading this blog because every post is a slice of my mind. And my mind is weirder than the average rat cage, I promise. Maybe it’s just that I can’t imagine not having rats in my cage, but coming to think of it aren’t there so many wonderful things you can do with an empty cage, things that don’t involve filling it up with rats? Well, I’m not the most responsible person, and that means that I am not good at keeping rats. They escape a lot. Some of them bite, but some of them are cute and fluffy, and the people who observe these escape artists that are rats adore them with wonder, asking me why I’ve been hiding them in my hollow cage of a mind. Then there are the people who are apprehensive, who look at the escaped rat as though it’s a complete mistake. There’s an equally hurtful reaction- people who don’t acknowledge the escape that took place. People who treat it like it’s not big deal, to the point where my rats are almost scared, almost ready to crawl back into the cage I’ve set up for them in between my ears. Almost, but not really. You see, once they get out, they set everything I care about on fire in spite of themselves.



  1. The Sound of Ed's Voice · October 5, 2016

    I LOVE the rat metaphor!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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