The Best Lyrics From The 1975

D’you guys know that feeling you get when you’re super obsessed with something and you have nobody, like nobody, to fangirl with? No? Just me? Well, I’m gonna walk y’all through some of the most genius lyrics ever produced by this heavenly angel band.


but first, we must stop to appreciate the angel that is Matty Healy. -sighs- just take him in ❤

We’re gonna start with line that actually inspired this post. It’s from ‘She’s American’ and it gets me every single time.


Next is this line from one of their more popular songs, ‘Settle Down’.


Here’s a line from ‘Sex’. The whole EP is amazing, and actually this whole song is without a doubt on of my all time favorites. The whole line is ‘use your hands and my spare time, we’ve got one thing in common it’s this tongue of mine’. Ahh, I can feel the fangirl.


This line is from ‘She Lays Down’ and it gets way too real.


This is a simple line from ‘Loving Someone’, another one of my favorites just because of it’s simplicity. Another simple stunner from this same song is when angelic Matty sings ‘Yeah, I think I should be loving someone’


This line is from ‘Paris’, a song about drugs, deception, and hazy romance. The song talks about the messy recipe that comes with mixing an addiction with wild escapades.


This line is from “Haunt//Bed” (yes, the official title is supposed to have those slashes)


And here’s one from the song ‘She Lays Down’ again, because that’s an emotionally raw one. I could quote that whole song because of how deep it is, and there’s another line in it where he sings “the engines all go bust, we turn to dust, and I’ve no reason to complain”


and now, just to lighten the mood (because I’m a sucker for funny text posts):


I’m constantly falling in love with this band, and this post is probably just going to keep growing. I could honestly quote their whole album, ahhhhhhhhh. Fan girl session over. For now.

xo Queertastic



No amount of the right words at the right time

will melt scars off your skin.

Art won’t chase your ghosts for you,

running isn’t confrontation, and terrifyingly enough

love sometimes doesn’t fill you up.

You won’t find the answers in the paper curls of smoke,

drawn perfectly in a black bound book.

because perfection is the average of two mistakes,

but two mistakes is far more than you’ve made.

The rich life ain’t for me,

but when you’re in love nothing’s free,

and patience is my new currency,

but I’m shit at gambling.


Don’t Fall In Love With The Moment And Think You’re In Love With The Person.


So, I just visited Cambodia on a school trip. A week with people you love, hate, and grow with. Also, a week that I spent trying to cement my new relationship. A week I spent learning. There are so many moments of that trip that I want to put in a bottle, but here’s just a few.

On a boat. 64 teenagers on a boat, with music and drinks and pizza. It’s two hours of fun or exhaustion, depending on what kind of a a person you are. I spent my time hooked up to the arm of someone I’ve known for a few months. Someone I’m still trying to know. There’s breeze, there’s laughter, there’s bad EDM music below us, but between us there’s a somewhat peaceful silence as we stare out at the water. The unbroken silence overstays it’s welcome, however, and I break it with a bad joke. It’s okay though, because to love me you have to love horrible puns and cheesy romance. Right now, he’s got an unfair hold over me because of the way the lighting makes him look. “don’t fall in love with the moment and think you’re in love with the girl” Matty Healy’s voice flashes in my head, reminding me that surrounding myself with beautiful places and people is no substitute for falling into actual love. The genius of The 1975 sometimes scalds me with its honesty. I’m in love with this moment, but I can’t say yet that I’m in love with him. Him. He’s shy, sings to himself when he thinks no-one can hear, and our relationship is almost a cruel joke against him because he loves me but hates attention. Eventually, our friends pull us apart. Mine want dancing and his want banter and we both know we’ve got to go tick off our social rosters. I have fun dancing in a corner and he’s in the middle of a circle of friends. The lights are in harmony to the music and the waves. Right now, it’s way too easy for me to fall in love with this moment.

We’re on the plane back to Singapore. He’s next to me. He’s drawing, and I’m plugged in to my music, reading. But while doing our own things, we’ve got our arms linked and I’m leaning against him. Alone, but together. Ahh, it was amazing until in flight attendance asked us what meals we wanted. Darn. We spend the rest of the flight arm in arm, making jokes and never wanting the journey to end. I see the city lights below us, and without even thinking I say “damn, they’re beautiful”. He replies “just like you” and before I know it I’ve given him a kiss on the cheek because he’s freaking sweet. but as we’re all cuddled up together in the afterglow, I suddenly hear that line again. “Don’t fall in love with the moment and think you’re in love with the girl” (the ‘girl’ in this case is a boy, I know, but the line is profound okay so imma keep using it besides I’m bi so he could’ve been a girl xD). This realization kept hitting me, but I realized I was only a few moments away from falling in love with him. Fingers laced together, I’m in love with the moment. Loving the person may/may not follow, but at least for now it’s love with that moment that won’t ever die.

Just in case you wanna hear the piece of art that inspired this post, it’s “She’s American” by The 1975.

The Strangest Metaphor You’ll Read This Week #2

So, a while back I wrote the first strange metaphor, and then realized I have a habit of comparing the events in my life and human experiences in general to the strangest things that I’ve learnt and seen over the years. You can read the first one here.

This one’s about relationship statuses. But first, a little chemical background. Elements can exist in many forms. For example, Carbon can be found as C-12 and as C-14. C-12 is a stable form of carbon, and C-14 is radioactive, but they’re both considered carbon. One of my friends told me that relationships make me stable, and that got me thinking- I have quite a few forms when it comes to relationships. My single state has been observed to be volatile and wild, almost too wild to exist and almost too wild to be considered stable. Maybe that’s why my other isotope, the one that’s in a relationship, is so much more stable. Relationships tend to stabilize me, because that’s the type of elemnt I am. So if elements were people, some of them are more stable out of a relationship than in a relationship, just like how different isotopes have different levels of stability for different elements. Recently, I’ve been put back into my most stable isotope form, which is the metaphorical way of saying that I just got into a relationship. I was able to conclude reasonably that yes, I am most stable in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean I stop being me when I get out of one. And I think this metaphor is one that perfectly describes the diversity of human relationships, because there are 118 elements so far, and each one has numerous isotopes, some of which remain undiscovered. We all have different forms of our most stable isotopes. And, yup, there’s the slice of my brain from today.

Relationship Statuses.

when you go from flirting

to playing hard to get

to almost giving up

to delirious giggles and denial

to finally letting your guard down,

right when they have their walls down too.

And then suddenly you aren’t as single as you previously were

but you didn’t even register

because in the midst of wrestling with our prides

we stop understanding.

There you go, that’s attraction for you.


The Strangest Metaphor You’ll Read This Week.

Sometimes, secrets are like little rats that just slip out of your mouth without you meaning for them to leave. Well, the ordinary person doesn’t really have rats just casually hanging out in their mouth, but you get what I mean. Your mouth is the cage and the rats are your secrets, and sometimes when you’re not ready for an escape it will happen anyways. Now, let’s get complicated. I’m the kind of person who will spend time and money to build a very nice cage with tons of toys from my rats because a) that’s way more humane, and b) nobody likes being in a cage. But being in a pretty cage makes it at least a tiny bit better, especially when you can’t help but feel like those rats are a part of you. Now, I know this metaphor is strange, but you’re reading this blog because every post is a slice of my mind. And my mind is weirder than the average rat cage, I promise. Maybe it’s just that I can’t imagine not having rats in my cage, but coming to think of it aren’t there so many wonderful things you can do with an empty cage, things that don’t involve filling it up with rats? Well, I’m not the most responsible person, and that means that I am not good at keeping rats. They escape a lot. Some of them bite, but some of them are cute and fluffy, and the people who observe these escape artists that are rats adore them with wonder, asking me why I’ve been hiding them in my hollow cage of a mind. Then there are the people who are apprehensive, who look at the escaped rat as though it’s a complete mistake. There’s an equally hurtful reaction- people who don’t acknowledge the escape that took place. People who treat it like it’s not big deal, to the point where my rats are almost scared, almost ready to crawl back into the cage I’ve set up for them in between my ears. Almost, but not really. You see, once they get out, they set everything I care about on fire in spite of themselves.