Cheap Mascara

Hey guys! I don’t even know how many poems I’ve written by now, and yet before every poem I warn you guys saying it’s just an attempt so it’ll probably be shitty. I think I’ve passed that stage, so instead I’m just gonna go straight to the poem. Does anyone even read these intros? GAH. 

They say cheap mascara runs like a river
I think anything will run if you cry hard enough
just like anyone can collapse if they don’t try hard enough
just like two people can melt together
if they shape their bones together enough
just like anything can be rough
once you’ve made yourself weak enough
paper thin thoughts, now I run from the rivers of cheap mascara
Running from dried up rivers,
wiping my eyes with stained fingers,
anything will be enough.

Queertastic Is Out! (thank you for reading, if you did xD)

Thank you for reading! wanna check out more rants and weird attempts at poems and musings? My blog is open, and if you’re nice I’ll hand out cookies xD Anyways, if you’re currently struggling with depression and are feeling alone, take this free hug (click here and here and here for cute GIF s that send hugs from me to you ^^)and also a few hotlines, just in case.

Vent to an anonymous stranger-

In case you’re feeling suicidal-

Hotlines for Depression specifically-



  1. fauxcroft · August 31, 2016

    I read intros 😉 great stuff


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