Petty Emotional Bases- A Random Rant.

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Here and there, right and left. Today’s been a relatively busy day for Queertastic, your friendly neighbourhood blogger. For starters, I have had the pettiest emotional base today, which means that literally everything else that could go wrong kinda almost did go wrong. Do the words “petty emotional base” make absolutely no sense to you? Well, basically a petty emotional base is my fancy way of saying crush. Because goddamn it, the word “crush” is so immature and reminiscent of my 3rd grade days where I had a physical diary instead of a blog, and spent most of time indulging in almost creepy reveries. I hate admitting I have a crush because I’m trying to evolve into a global citizen and a mature self respecting woman. I know it sounds pretentious, but that’s who I want to grow up to be. And mature self respecting women do NOT have crushes. They have petty emotional bases xD

Recently I changed my tagline to “silence cannot be misquoted” and I think that’s pretty relevant. Sure, the guy I have a crush on (did I say crush? pfft I meant petty emotional base. There’s another petty post I wrote about this crush that you can check out here) is cute (#FirstWorldProblems are about to be spilt all over my laptop screen, if you want to avoid cringing maybe you should look away) but he doesn’t talk at all. And when he does, he hardly seems interested. Okay, he smiles at me and laughs sometimes, but I hardly ever catch him looking and he’s just so shy that when I talk to him I feel like I’m scaring him. Oh god, this problem couldn’t get dumber could it? Actually, I think this is by far the stupidest post I’ve ever written, but I’m tripping on my own emotions for no good reason and it’s been getting on my nerves. I’m going nuts because a crush is such a raw and unrefined emotion to have. It’s not an intense emotion either, it’s fluffy and light and you can’t get enough of it. Now comes the most idiotic part of this post, you ready? (sidenote: I realize that throughout this post I’ve been trying to desperately convince the stranger on the other side of the screen that I’m not a twelve year old. Please just take my word for it I AM NOT TWELVE I AM ALSO NOT A PETTY PERSON KTHANKS) Basically, I’ve also been talking to this other guy (I can hear the face-palms already) and he’s really nice but didn’t strike me as crush (I mean petty emotional base) material right off the bat. Turns out, he’s super duper fun to talk to and seems to actually not want to run away when I try talking to him. I have a weird personality and I’m always scared of it scaring people away, but he just doesn’t seem to be affected. The thing is, there wasn’t any physical attraction right off the bat unlike Petty Emotional Base #1, so I don’t know how to rank Petty Emotional Base #2. All I know is that I’m really confused, and being confused makes me sleepy and tired.

Queertastic Is Out! (thank you for reading, if you did xD)

Thank you for reading! wanna check out more rants and weird attempts at poems and musings? My blog is open, and if you’re nice I’ll hand out cookies xD Anyways, if you’re currently struggling with depression and are feeling alone, take this free hug (click here and here and here for cute GIF s that send hugs from me to you ^^)and also a few hotlines, just in case.

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