Crushes Are *Extremely* Annoying

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It’s been a few months since I broke up with my ex, and he was my first actual relationship. Now that I’m in IB (the equivalent of being a senior in high school or in Junior College) I decided to push dating out of my life and focus on my future. Easier said than done, because on the first goddamn day of school, guess who pops up in my English class? Only the most perfect specimen of a human being ever. No, seriously. He’s got the cutest little smile, he’s shy in the cutest way, and he makes MIXES. THAT MEANS HE SPENDS HIS FREE TIME WITH HIS HEADPHONES ON, ON HIS MAC MAKING MUSIC. I think I’ve forgotten how annoying it is to feel something as basic as a crush. The love I’ve gotten used to feeling was complex and layered, but this crush is so straightforward. There’s no right or wrong and I can’t look away, that’s how stupid this crush is. I’ll be updating this post, but for now here’s my super limited rant on my online diary.


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