“Untitled” (a Poem, Or An Attempt At One)

I’m terrified, but I don’t know what to call it.

I’ve always harbored a fear of heights, but now I find myself falling.

I’m exhilarated, but I can’t give it a name;

it’s like making a beautiful mistake, but without all the shame.

It’s striking how it comes in waves-



and yet I beg it to stay.

It is almost funny how I think I have control

It’s hysterical how I just can’t let go

I’m terrified, but it’s a feeling I can’t place;

I couldn’t possibly label it

with a time or date

and so follows a shaky diagnosis

made by a mind whose pretexts are untitled.

made with thoughts that haven’t been thought out

and words that don’t need to  be said.

It is love. 

so, that was another shaky attempt at a poem, I hope it wasn’t embarrassingly bad xD I jut needed to get some emotions out about how I might be ~in love~ because, I have issues with commitment and I like to write poems that make my emotions seem more dramatic than they really are. JK, I’ve always been a drama queen xD Wanna see my last attempt at a poem? (it’s cringe-worthy) click here! ooh, and here’s my rant on love and falling into it. Actually, I have a lot of rants on romance, all of which are cliche ridden. You can find ’em here. Thanks for reading!


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