We Had “The Talk”, & Here’s What I Learned.

To different people, “The Talk” means different things- to a parent it could mean the birds and the bees talk, to an LGBTQ+ Unicorn, it could mean coming out, and to a gaggle of eight year old girls “The Talk” is a matter of vague fantasies (I know when I was eight, all I could do was fantasize about what the talk was xD) Well, to specify, ’cause there are so may different types of talks to have, this talk I had was with my boyfriend. About sex. Ready for a little bit of cringing, anonymous viewer?  awesomesauce, let’s get on to it.

  1. It wasn’t as awkward as I expected. Not even, like, a quarter as awkward as I expected. In fact, from the bringing up of the conversation to the way it went about, I’d look back and say it went pretty seamlessly, and I think this is due to the fact that we were both being perfectly honest with each other about our boundaries.
  2. It’s a good thing to have open communication on every aspect of your relationship, including sex (yes, even if it’s about sex you haven’t had, and yes, even if the both of you are clueless virgins like us xD) I mean, if there’s one thing I realized, it’s that the conversation was one we should’ve had a long time ago. And hey, the conversation was actually kinda fun to have, and it wasn’t uncomfortable at all, which (I hope) shows our relationship is on the right track, at least communication wise.
  3. I learnt that “it” is part of what makes you human. Much like the other things that make us human (trust, jealousy, anger) sex is an element in a relationship that could either go really really right, or super duper wrong. And honestly, we’re human beings, so just like anger and jealousy, this is another (not necessarily bad) human quality that factors into your relationship.
  4. I realized that, for someone who’s a clueless virgin, I’m overthinking. But then again, I usually do over think quite a lot. Ahh, where would this blog be without my overthinking? One thing I’ve learnt (more like drilled into my brain) is that a conversation is just a conversation– neither of us are in the habit of being cryptic with what we want, and taking this step by step is honestly the best way forward.

I think it was weird that he seemed almost surprised when I told him I was down with doing the ol’ deed.  Strange, but eh, it’s sexual attraction, so we should both just get over it. I think maybe it’s because we’re both clueless virgins, or because we both live in a not-very-sex-positive society, or because neither of us have access to birth control here in Singapore (don’t freak, I won’t ever risk getting pregnant, I’m educated guys chill, I see an IUD in my future xD) To anyone reading- sorry if this seemed like a freaky-deaky rant from an inexperienced unaware teenager, but that’s pretty much what I am xD Thank you for reading ❤

*sidenote: I bet nobody is going to read this, but I’m gonna be polite anyways*



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